Flickr ending Share to WordPress option March 25th

For the full story: [Official Thread] Welcome back HTML Embeds! Goodbye to some sharing options.

The salient part is:

Secondly, we are announcing that we are deprecating the support for our built-in sharing options for WordPress [Ed: spelled in the original with a small “p”], Blogger and LiveJournal on 3/25. Deprecating features is never an easy decision, but we have seen that all of these services combined are now adding up to less than one percent of daily share volume from Flickr.

Which I understand to mean that this method will no longer be supported: (link to Internet Archive)

Meantime, the flickr HTML embed option is being brought to the “new flickr experience” in addition to the current iframe embed, which we cannot use here on

Of course, this does not affect the WP o-embed method of copying and pasting the link of the flickr image page on its own line in your post or page. Or at least I hope not!

Ocean Liner, SS St Paul
(HTML embed from the original flickr experience coming soon to the “new flickr experience” near you.)

Gallery-A Demo Blog

Following on the popularity of my Gallery FAQ, I’ve set up an entire demo blog to illustrate some of the possibilities when using the Gallery shortcode and to test how themes treat images and gallery posts.

Introducing: Gallery-A Demo Blog.

Required Reading

Since the upgrade here on at the beginning of April, it’s been a continuing, almost daily, challenge to post images correctly. Richard (tsp) has been running an excellent series of posts on one cool site:wordpress blogging tips about inserting images in your posts:

Image Editing and Preparation Tips (Part 1)

Image Editing and Preparation Tips (Part 2)

Inserting images full-sized in new

More on inserting image full-size at

How good is WordPress at resizing and resampling your images

If you haven’t already and blog here at you should be bookmarking one cool site and keeping it handy. Lots of good info over there.

Monotone in Color

Introducing Shutter Clutter

I won’t be abandoning this photoblog quite yet. While I like the sparseness of Monotone, which makes it ideally image centric, there’s rightly no place for a blogroll. To me that’s an important part of blogging.

Left a comment in the announcement rooting for auto EXIF import, at least on the new theme. That would truly make Monotone a photoblog. (Right now, I’m adding it by hand.)