Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

The end of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria (or the start, depending on which end you entered the road), at the Kaiser Franz Josef Haus.

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More from our August 2013 road trip, including being chased up to the the FJ Haus by a Formula One! :)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

The Jewish Festival of Light commemorates the rededication of the Temple following its desecration by the ancient Greeks. The story goes that there was not enough consecrated oil to relight the menorah that stood in the Temple, except for a small amount which miraculously burned for 8 days. Since then we’ve been lighting candles or oil lights to celebrate that miracle and our freedom from religious tyranny.

The special menorah we use during Hanukkah, called Hannukiyah, has places for 8 candles and for the “Shamash”, the candle used to light all the other candles. Over the years the Hannukiyah has been a folk art object and during my visit to the Ha’aretz Museum last week it was interesting to see Hannukiyahs that had been created during the first days of the State of Israel (and before) that venerated our women and men who protected and fought for the Yishuv.

20131129-light (1) 20131129-light (2) 20131129-light (3) 20131129-light (4)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Part of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge

(Maybe you see more layers, or less.)

There certainly was a lot of traffic, both seaward and landward, Saturday morning along the beach. Another beautiful “autumn” day. As lovely as it might be, I truly wish winter would hurry up and get here already.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

A panoramic overview of Ramon Crater, or Makhtesh Ramon heading into sunset.

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Updated with more photos from both above and inside the makhtesh


Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Toy Cycle is an inspirational exhibit now open though the end of the year at the Old Jaffa Museum featuring toys and artworks created from recycled materials. Among the works by students of the Shenkar School of Industrial Design and other artists, there are toys and sculptures from bicycle chains, tin cans, wood blocks and other bric-a-brac. The most interesting to me was a series of artwork/toys made by Ocean Sole, an African NGO, using the tons, yes, tons, of flip-flop soles that wash up on the beach each year. What they create from this refuse is amazing. More about Ocean Sole below.

Part of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge