Why flickr won’t be selling my photos

20141218–A welcome update/retraction from flickr  If you are a flickr member you may have seen at least one of these high profile commentaries about flickr’s recent shenanigans: Jeffrey Zeldman: WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? FLICKR IS ABOUT TO SELL OFF YOUR CREATIVE COMMONS PHOTOS  Thomas Hawk: The Controversy Around flickr Selling Creative Commons Licensed Photos Cnet: Some photographers bristle over Flickr’s selling of photos PetaPixel: … Continue reading Why flickr won’t be selling my photos

Photo101: Landmark

So many big and important places. This is a small landmark that has personal significance for me. Since I am sure that most of my visitors don’t read Hebrew, I’ll translate The First Kiosk My husband’s family came here in the very early 1900’s from Russia. My father-in-law (z”l) was born there while his younger brother (now 88) was born here. Both boys helped their … Continue reading Photo101: Landmark