Photo101: Bliss

This is an easy one for me, but again I find I need to post from the web and not the WP app since I can’t seem to directly share to WP from Instagram. (Boo!) If nothing else, it gives me an opportunity to show you how to embed an Instagram on your site.

Need to spend more time here, more often #sunset #israel

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If you put your ear up to the screen and close your eyes, you should be able to hear the sursurrus of the ocean as it swells and recedes, sucking your feet into the wet sand while you stand and watch the sunset at the shore’s end.

Instagram Love

So happy together #venice #mask #love

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Having so little internal memory on my Android “smartphone” means that I regularly swap out apps depending on my current needs. Instagram was removed in favor of other apps before our trip in April. But now I have another reason to get it back on my phone (besides following my youngest son’s backpacking progress across South America) and start posting again.

The long-awaited and newly available Instagram widget in my sidebar!  Thank you!

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Instagram Shut Down Hurt Twitter

When Twitter cut off Instagram from its API there were questions about the effect the move would have on Twitter. As it turns out the shutdown hurt Twitter’s quarter-over-quarter engagement per photo fell, while Instagram’s own engagement increased by 30 percent.

While Twitter has put a lot of stock in the Twitter Cards system, specifically Twitter Photo Cards, it turns out that most users would rather click on a link to view Instagram photos.

via Instagram Shut Down Hurt Twitter [Infographic] | The Blog Herald.

An interesting look at how the removal of viewing instagram photos on Twitter has actually hurt Twitter engagement.

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More water than I've seen in years #winter #israel #banias

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Besides being able to embed Instagram photos on your site, I just realized that perhaps you don’t know that since Instagram now lets you log in on its website to view your friends’ stream and your profile, you can also create a badge to put on your website.

After you log in to the Instagram website, click on your username in the upper right corner and then “Badges” from the drop down menu there. Select your badge and copy only the last part of the code.

<a href=""><img alt="Instagram" src="//" /></a>

Paste that into a text widget and save. (Your code will look a bit different depending on what icon you choose.)

Alternately, you can save the badge you wish to use, upload it to your Media Library and then use it in an Image Widget, linking it to your Instagram user profile.

Also, there is a discussion in the forums about using the flickr widget for instagram images, but be warned it does not always work as expected.