Interlude: Why Mobile?

During our long trip abroad to Norway and Germany at the end of May (was it only in May?!) I took the opportunity to upgrade my failing 3 year-old smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy Ace, to a much newer Galaxy S4 with more memory and a higher resolution screen and camera. My phone now has a higher resolution camera than my Canon PowerShot S100.

If I look at my photographing trends over the past 2 years, I seem to have become a point-and-shoot photographer, for good or bad, but it does force me to ask the question of why I carry around 2 cameras when heading out. I can almost compare it to why I drive a car with an automatic shift as opposed to a stick shift. It lets me concentrate on what’s happening around me without needing to set up my camera for each scene, which usually escapes me by the time I’m ready to shoot with manual settings. When talking about snapshot photography, does it really matter whether the photo was taken with a high-end DSLR or a high-end Lumix cameraphone?

Each camera has its strengths and weaknesses and, of course, there are things that a point-and-shoot just cannot do because of the lens (although that may be changing). Again using the car analogy, I know I’ll never win the Grand Prix with my Toyota, but then again I’m not trying to. I’m just trying for the best shot I can get with the camera I have in hand. Ultimately I think that is what most photographers try to do.

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The Holidays Are A Time For Gifting

Thank you, flickr! I am now waiting *very* impatiently for the updated Android app to make this perfect!

An interesting look at what your camera’s life expectancy might be, but, as the article says, to be taken with a grain of salt. If you don’t see your model on the front page, use the search box or sitemap for other models. Not all models have data (if yours doesn’t, consider adding to the database). I’m also assuming this really depends a lot on how hard you push your camera and what environment it’s working in. My S100  got caught in the spray from a couple of waterfalls over the weekend.

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Architecture photographer explains how he got that New York magazine cover shot | Poynter.

Shooting in the dark, with a handheld camera, in a vibrating helicopter, 5,000 feet above land sounds like a photographer’s nightmare. But Iwan Baan made it look easy.

The Dutch photographer’s image of a half-illuminated, half-powerless New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy captured the nation’s attention on the cover of New York magazine.

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Photokina Wannabe

Photokina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unless you’re a photographer living under a rock, you’ll know that photokina in Köln, Germany opened this week and is already starting to wind down and again this year I wasn’t there. So, what did I  miss?

The prediction from two years ago that mobile photography, with its instant sharing capability, will be taking over from traditional photography seems to be true if you look at the number of products for iphonographers and the hybrid cameras running Android with WiFi. But, oh, the cameras! While there were plenty of leaked photos ahead of the event, all the major camera manufacturers are there. The two that have really caught my eye are the new Polaroid Instant camera (welcome back!) and Sony’s RX1.

Ironically, this was the year that I gave up on owning anything larger than my Canon Powershot S100, while my youngest son bought a Nikon D90.

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Photography Redesigned – Iris by Mimi Zou at Show RCA 2012

This eye-tracking camera by Royal College of Art graduate Mimi Zou is controlled by blinking and squinting – and even recognises your friends when it looks into their eyes (+ movie).

via Dezeen » Blog Archive » Iris by Mimi Zou at Show RCA 2012.

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Not to miss seeing: the other concept cameras linked at the bottom of the article.