This site and the GDPR

There’s been a lot of concern, confusion and angst by site owners here on ahead of implementing the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation on May 25th and the impact that will have on site owners and visitors. At the moment, the only thing I can suggest is that you take the time to read the entire, revised Automattic Privacy Policy, Automattic GDPR FAQ, and the newly updated Cookie Policy to understand better how these changes affect your use of this site and the platform.

Automattic,’s parent company has also announced that currently only sites with a paid upgrade are eligible to request Data Processing Agreements with Automattic. As this is a free website, to make sure that this site complies with the GDPR, I would ask that you take a moment to review your subscription settings for Random Acts.

If you wish to continue receiving notices of my newly published posts, you needn’t do anything further (and thank you). If you wish to stop receiving these notices, please use the link at the bottom of the email you’ve received to unsubscribe or you can unfollow this site in your Reader by clicking on the green Following link in your Reader Manage dashboard (although I’ll be sad to see you go). As there is little new content being published here, it may not even be necessary!

After the 25th of May, I will also be disabling the ability to comment or contact me through this site.

Cheers and thanks for your understanding.

Nikon Closes Digital Camera Factory

Nikon announced today that it will be shutting down its digital camera factory in the Jiangsu province China, blaming the rise of smartphones for the demise of the compact digital camera market.

Read the whole thing.

If you’ve been following this blog for a long while, you could have seen this coming just from the ominous predictions at PhotoKina already 5 years ago.

I’m very conflicted about this. My Galaxy S4 and my Canon S100 have about the same amount of pixel power, but in terms of breadth and width of ability, there’s no comparison. The S100 wins hands down even if I don’t use all its functions.

And then for the first time the S100 encountered the dreaded “Lens Error” that Canon issued a recall for in 2012, unbeknownst to me. Still waiting to hear whether it can be repaired or I’ll be looking for a new camera. The Fujifilm X100F is looking pretty darn good; now I only need to win the lottery.

Meantime,  all the action these days is taking place on my mostly mobile photoblog, ShutterClutter. This post will likely be the very last on Random Acts. Crowd “Favorite” posts like the Gallery FAQ will remain online for now.

Have a wonderful holiday season and hope to see you over on ShutterClutter.

Why flickr won’t be selling my photos

20141202-featured20141218A welcome update/retraction from flickr 

If you are a flickr member you may have seen at least one of these high profile commentaries about flickr’s recent shenanigans:


Thomas Hawk: The Controversy Around flickr Selling Creative Commons Licensed Photos

Cnet: Some photographers bristle over Flickr’s selling of photos

PetaPixel: Flickr Taking Heat from CC Photographers for Selling Their Work as Wall Art Without Compensation

“More than 300 million publicly shared Flickr images use Creative Commons licenses, making it the largest content partner. Yahoo last week said it would begin selling prints of 50 million Creative Commons-licensed images as well as an unspecified number of other photos handpicked from Flickr.” –WSJ

The default license on flickr is “©All Rights Reserved”, unless you change your default license to one of the Creative Commons Licenses which allows others to use your uploaded photos. Since signing up in 2006, at least 99% of my images have been tagged either © or licensed under a BY-NC-ND Creative Commons License (the same license in my site’s sidebar) and therefore, thankfully, not eligible for this new “feature.”

“Yahoo says it is complying with the terms of Creative Commons by selling only images that permit commercial use.” -WSJ

While there may be nothing illegal about what flickr is doing with images that have a Creative Commons “Attribution” License**, there is a very wide moral chasm  between an individual ordering a printed wall art image from their own photostream and flickr offering those same images for sale to 3rd parties.

Come on flickr! Don’t be that guy.*

(*from the flickr “Community Guidelines“)

** Just to clarify, the images being sold by flickr are any images that have a CC License that does not include the “Non-Commercial” clause, not just those that only have an “Attribution” License.

So it goes

derailed-featured-IMG_7120Like a coin on a railroad track, Life has a funny way of jumping up and derailing our best intentions. My focus at the moment is about 4,500 kilometers from me. I’ll continue to post Photo101’s when and if I have available time. See you when I do. Thanks for stopping by. (As a real aside, apparently Google Maps lives in an alternate reality where I can simply get on the highway and drive for 50 hours from where I am to where I need to be, barring geopolitical conflicts and all. )