Black Iris

Earlier Today in the Backyard

After the shower overnight and before the rain this afternoon, there was a glorious, sunny window of opportunity to head out and enjoy the wildflowers that are blooming all over the country. Following last week’s tumultuous climb out of Nahal Tavor, where the lupines were starting to bloom (my knees haven’t yet recovered from the 300 meter, 45-60° grade incline), hubby and I decided to … Continue reading Earlier Today in the Backyard

Botanical Gardens Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures

This past year I did a lot more travelling both here and abroad.  According to PSE, I look 2700+ photos in 2012, 1688 of those were in landscape orientation and 1026 in portrait. Below is a distillation of 50 or so of the 75 photos that I felt were photographically interesting. When reviewing photos to select for this post, it struck me that many of … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures

In A French Country Garden

In a French Country Garden

Back from a whirlwind trip to the Dordogne region of France (well, really Dordogne, Lot, Quercy and Perigord). On average, we visited at least one medieval chateau/town and a cave each day with the occasional stunning garden thrown in. I’m still on visual overload. More pictures as I sort through the 600 or so I took and get out from this mountain of laundry.