When Art transcends the Medium

Totally mesmerizing. (hat tip to Decompos’s Blog)

When I was growing up, I barely knew my mother’s sisters due to family internecine warfare. But in my late 20’s I made a journey to Washington, DC with my then future spouse and stayed with my mother’s next youngest sister.

My aunt was a weaver and artist, whose passion was quickly manipulating the emulsion in exposed Polaroid™ film to create strange and wonderful photo effects.  (In her own strange way, my mother was also a photo artist, exorcising with a sharp scissors the likeness of any family member who was currently on her sh*t list. The few photographs I have from my childhood are populated with the so-called lucky survivors. But I digress.)

Back Then

It’s already old news that the “Impossible Project” succeeded in resurrecting the production of Polaroid™ films to the grateful applause of  enthusiasts, and are now working on developing a new instant film camera to replace the difficult to find originals.

In an age where Path, Instagram and other mobile apps rule “instant” photography, how can one explain the continuing attraction of this wonderful film?

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(Many thanks to Capt Kodak for the use of his photo as the featured image.)