Photo Friday: Mood

Gouffre de Padirac is one of the caves we visited in Dordogne and while very commercialized, the lighting in the cave was spectacular and added very much to the experience.

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Photo Friday: Rain

We are actually at the end of our rainy season, so this photo comes to you from January 2012.

This was the rainiest winter in 7 years and added nearly 2 meters to the level of the Sea of Galilee since the end of December. Watching the water level of Lake Kinneret has become something of a national pastime. (now with soundscape)

Tiny Planets

I’ve just spent the better part of 15 minutes exploring Times Square in a way I never would have thought possible. The results of notlion / streetview-stereographic are pure whimsy.

Click on the first thumbnail to open the Carousel viewer!

Besides the “above” and “below” options, you can zoom in and out by scrolling your mouse wheel, go to full width by clicking on the arrow on the lower right of the fish-eye image and then pull, push, twist and twirl to center in on different areas of the image.

So either tell them that you’ll be a little late getting to wherever you intended to go, or better yet, bring the laptop along and share, share, share!

A Day In The Life

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A Day in the Life - October 2011October 22 was “A Day In The Life” day on and it has been ages (and ages) since I last participated in one.

Sort of a quiet day all around. It was the very last day of my 10-day break from work, both “boys” (26 and 21) and hubby were home, we had lunch out together and did a little shopping. It was a good day try out the Retro Camera app on my relatively new Samsung Ace. So while I may not have strictly adhered to the letter of the day (one photo per hour), these are the results of my day.

Descriptions on each photo. Thanks for visiting!