PSE Shenanigans Redux

TLDR: PSE2018 works, but is still broken.

Warning: rant ahead.

PhotoShop Elements has been my go-to image editing program for almost as long as I’ve had a digital camera, coming up on 12 years, and last year I treated myself to an upgrade to PSE2018 after hanging back for ages. It was pretty painless, but I’m starting to regret it. Two months after installation, Win10’s April update (v1803) appeared and PSE began throwing me “not enough memory” errors. In order to fix that, according to Adobe support, I needed to mess about in Windows Registry.

That is still the situation on my old computer even after the Win10 October update, but thankfully PSE2018 does work without error on my new computer. I just needed to sort out the 12K offline photos it imported to the new hard drive and move the remaining 3K photos into the correct file folders.

I really wish that were the end of this story. After I downloaded photos from the camera to the new computer for the first time and opened PSE 2018 to add tags, I discovered that adding Place tags is crippled. Not only can you not add new Place tags via the Place tag or Add Location button, you cannot even add Place tags manually. I travel a lot and it’s kind of a big deal to me to tag my photos by where I took them since the camera GPS is turned off intentionally.

Want to add where you shot your photo? No way!

The relevant document on the Adobe support site mentions this issue is due “Google Maps no longer supports delivery of certain data which impacts how the current Map view feature works in Photoshop Elements.” What I find unacceptable is knowing that in older versions of PhotoShop Elements, Place tags were never dependent on a 3rd party utility. And throwing salt on an open wound was learning that if you upgrade to PSE 2019, mapping is included. Buyer beware! Adobe, why not support your product and push an update to current PSE 2018 users?

I upgraded to PSE 2018 less than a year ago. For the past 10 months all I’ve done is chase solutions to problems with it when all I want to do is get back to photographing and image editing! This latest shenanigan likely knells the end of a long-standing relationship with a program that I used nearly every day for as long as I can remember. I’m really very sad about it, but Adobe’s lack of user support for their products is astonishingly lacking.

End of rant.