What does photo editing look like?

Most combinations of photographs are more like poetry than prose. For all that they show and express, they also announce their gaps, indirections, and enigmas. They do not explain effectively and are not very good at argument. Instead, image combinations suggest.

via Aperture

My favorite quote from an insightful and entirely readable article on professional photo curation.

One of the biggest challenges of the photography courses I took was creating photo series. Many times photos were grouped either by place or subject matter or similar qualities of the photo. The series that best illustrates this for me is below which I selected for my final show at the end of our first-year course.

Light sources, seen and unseen.

The challenge is not only in post-processing, but also during creation and we were encouraged to think in series while on our photo walks. Not as easy as it sounds.

An unrelated photo for this week’s Lens Artist’s Challenge-Curves:

Above: looking up from the bottom of the light fall of the new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Stairwell - Melk Abbey, Austria
Looking down the stairwell at Melk Abbey in Austria.