Introducing GammaGirl

This seems like a good time to restart Random Acts of Photography, which is newly renamed “GammaGirl.”

Why now? First, in celebration of my new Fujifilm X-T20 mirrorless camera after my Canon Powershot S100 died a second time during holidays abroad. The X-T20 is my very first Fuji digital camera, my very first mirrorless camera and my very first camera with interchangeable lenses, not that I can spring for another lens anytime soon!

It’s also the beginning of a new year and my resolution is to take better photos. Even after 2 years in a bi-weekly photography course at our local museum’s adult education department, I still don’t feel like I have a good grip on digital photography in general. I can compose a frame well enough, but the technical aspects never really sank in. So for this upcoming year, I’m participating in A Year with My Camera, a free  weekly email course that starts 3 times a year.

Since FB and I parted ways (3 years and counting!) my efforts will be posted here on my site instead of the AYWMC FB group (sorry, Emma). Won’t you join me on this year-long journey? If you are also participating in the January group for AYWMC, I’ll be pleased to visit your site too. Tag your posts #AYWMCJan2019 and then follow that tag in the Reader.

(Just an aside about the reorganization of this site: the vast majority of my earlier photography posts have been removed with the exception of those dealing with the Gallery feature, which are now mostly legacy posts anyway thanks to the introduction in December 2018 of the new block editor, aka Gutenberg, to WordPress and There is still relevant information to be found in those posts, particularly about commenting and images, but creating and inserting a Gallery has significantly changed from previous versions of the software. Will I write a new NTOWPCom Gallery FAQ? Not in the near future.)