Photo101: Water

Oh, water! I suppose I could have posted one of my Norwegian fjord or waterfall pictures from May, but I’m really trying to keep up with the spirit of Photo101 and snap new photos as a part of the assignments. If nothing else, it is really forcing me to look for “photo ops” during my limited free time while travelling to work or home. (Maybe it should be called Photo101 Scavenger Hunt!)

While we had rain overnight, by the time I was out and about most of it was in the process of drying up. So here’s my photo for today’s assignment, Water.

9.3MB straight from the Camera (4128×3096); 14.6MB (Holy Cow!) after editing in Pixlr Express (same dimensions as original) and 2MB after uploading to WPcom (1600 px on the long side).

I’ve cheated just a bit today though. I’m creating my post online from the WPcom Dashboard rather than my phone since I’m so pressed for time, but the photo was edited in Pixlr Express, uploaded and inserted via my phone.

PS just a reminder that “Likes” are turned off on this site. If you’d rather not leave a comment, do feel free to rank my posts/photos instead. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Photo101: Water

  1. I like your creative take on the theme. I also like the way the leaves have settled on the pavement :) Judy

    1. It’s the scattered few that add points of color to the pavement that sets off the image, I think. Thanks for looking and for commenting. :) I really hope I have time to catch up and leave comments on all the great photos I’m seeing.

    1. Thanks! I’ll be happy to release this image under a CC BY-NC-SA license, so feel free to grab it and do so. :)

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