Photo101: Street Scene

Edited in Snapseed, the final image was 5.3MB on my phone, but 2MB after selecting a smaller image size when uploading to WPcom.

Today was my first day back at work after my brief holiday abroad and I kept asking myself where en route I could possibly find a high point to grab an “establishing shot”. Needless to say that didn’t happen. This is the street scene that is part of my everyday.

9 thoughts on “Photo101: Street Scene

  1. Ah, that sun looks lovely…

    I forget what phone you’ve got. If it’s an iOS device you can reduce the photos with the Reduce app. I’m using it and it’s pretty good. Nice interface and easy to choose quality and pixel dimensions.

    1. Nope, it’s an Android (Samsung Galaxy S4) so I rely on either the photo editing app or the WP app to reduce image size. Limiting my image uploads in the WP app to 1600 pixels wide seems to have kept the uploaded images at around 2MB each, which is, of course, still too big, but a practical size if you use the same image as the featured image.

      Since this theme doesn’t carry the featured image over to the single view post, I’m only inserting the image in the post itself and going for the Image Post Format. Doesn’t really seem to make much difference.

    1. And it’s a lovely one. Why do you think you succumbed? I know it isn’t easy to take a new photo each day specific to the challenge. Today, for example, water. Even with the rain we’ve had overnight, not a drop in sight right now. I’m wondering how to overcome that.

      1. I know why … I wanted the post up — didn’t want to wait.
        Last night again, I saw the subject was up, and it was very tempting to put up a post right away, but this time I held myself back. :D

  2. This may sound odd but I like the reflection of light that is on the ground from the windows. I also like the fact that no one is paying any attention really to what you are doing or what anyone else is doing. Good shot!
    The guy in the back with his hand over his eyes is priceless :0)

    1. Could you tell it was morning? :) The reflections are from the windows off-frame and only showed up with lightening the shot a bit. Thanks for looking and commenting!

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