Photoblogging Made Easy: Exploring Gallery Types

Featured Image -- 3963If you’ve spent any time on my site, you know that I seriously love the Gallery feature. It’s an elegant and easy way to make photos look good on any site and just about with any theme. Combined with the Photo Carousel, the Gallery really makes your photo displays stand out.

However, due to the way the new Reblog currently works, reblogging a post that contains multiple images has an unexpected and decidedly unwelcome side effect if copyright is a concern. Right now all the images in your post are copied and transferred to the reblogger’s Media Library, regardless of how many images are used in the actual Reblog itself. In spite of a Staff reply in the forums to the contrary, I very much hope this is a bug and will be addressed. You can read more about it and some additional complications in the comments on wpcommaven The New Reblog, Part 2-Images Gone Awry.

Reblogging gone awry- how did those images get in my Media Library?

What does the new Reblog function mean for me personally? For a short moment, I considered watermarking my images, but wholeheartedly dislike them. So the only real recourse I have is to upload fewer images at lower resolution. I want to believe that people will be honest and abide by my CC License if they choose to use my images, but also know that I tend to wear rose-colored glasses.

The Blog

Photographs capture moments and bring life and color to our blogs, websites, and portfolios. In this age of digital storytelling, images are key elements in our narratives. With over 200 themes in the Theme Showcase, some designed for photography, there are many ways for you to tell your stories.

Photographers and photo bloggers can choose from a number of versatile premium themes to take their passion to the next level. But you don’t need a premium theme, or even a photoblogging theme, to display your images in polished, professional layouts. Let’s take a look at gorgeous image showcases on free themes that are great for personal blogging and writing, created with the built-in gallery options in your Media Manager.


Square tiles gallery on the Bushwick theme

First up is Bushwicka lightweight blogging theme we launched at the end of December. While ideal for bloggers…

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  1. I’m so glad you brought this up. It’s mind boggling that the reblogged images (all of them) are auto-posted into our Media Libraries. As we have no ability to manage our Media Library files and we cannot make folders and files it concerns me that reblogged images are all mixed into mine. Due to this change one migh accidentally reuse a blogged image without permission and end up with a copyright violation issue! I don’t get it. This simply makes no sense at all to me. Why wouldn’t hotlinking be a better way to go when it comes to reblogged images and why do all of the images and not just one have to be “grabbed”.

    1. Entirely mind-boggling, tt. I’m still having trouble coming to grips with all the implications here. There are some interesting points in the comments on wpcommaven. I’m sure you’ll want to chime in there.

      Edited to add: In order to bring the discussion to one place, I’m going to close the comments here.

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