Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

A panoramic overview of Ramon Crater, or Makhtesh Ramon heading into sunset.

Part of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge

Updated with more photos from both above and inside the makhtesh



  1. Great. It looks like you were close to the Ibex?

    And those pillars remind me of the basalt pillars in Fingal’s cave on the island of Staffa and on the Giant’s causeway in Ireland.

    1. The ibex were very close! They were looking for handouts (sadly) right next to the scenic overlook on the path/road on the way down.

      The “pillars” in the Carpentry are about the circumference of 1.5liter bottles, so they’re pretty small compared to the sites you mention.

  2. Great to see this. Did you drive, take the bus, stay overnight near there?I ask because it brings back a memory of something I didn’t do, which was to visit the crater – it was always a bit too far.

    1. We drove down and stayed over the weekend. You are right that it’s a bit off the beaten track,for a casual visit. It is, however, one of the very few light-pollution free zones left in the country.

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