Fresh Air!

Ever since reading on a number of websites that I frequent that Responsive Width/Flexible Width themes are the new black, the idea has been pinging around inside my head that it was time (long overdue, really) to update the theme here on Random Acts.

Back in the day this site wore The Journalist v1.3 (retired), Inuit Types, Triton Lite and, now, Oxygen. Oxygen was not an easy choice to make because, of all the themes I looked at and spread-sheeted for various features, Oxygen came up short on width of the posting column. Frankly it is much narrower than I originally wanted for a photography site, but there are many other features that make up for it.

So, for at least the near future, here’s to a breath of fresh air! I hope you like the change and your opinion is always welcome.


    1. Thanks! Hallstadt is really lovely and I’m just sorry that we couldn’t spend more time in the town itself. We spent the morning above it in the salt mines.

    1. LOL! I assume the “can” should be “can’t” and I knew I could count on you for an honest opinion.

      As I said, I haven’t completely ruled out switching again. As someone who rarely changes themes on this site and in general, and the push is on to find a responsive theme that suits both my site content and my design sensibilities, I have to switch to see how it works to get a feel for a theme in action. The in-dash preview is a poor substitute for the full nine yards.

    1. I’m glad to hear you think so. I’m not yet entirely convinced to stay with it because of the posting column, but this free theme has a lot of goodies thrown in.

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