Since I’ve been pursuing offline life, I came late to the announcement that flickr has re-imagined itself yet again.

The biggest uproar so far has been over the redesign. Navigation is a challenge, to say the least, and for the moment full screen viewing seems to be broken.  Another sore point is the loss of the Pro account, which gave users access to their visitor statistics. If you had a Pro account when the switch was made, then all is good. (Here’s the official flickr thread about the new account options.)

The change in space allotment now means that, even with a free account, all the photos you’ve uploaded should be available for viewing, as well as all your sets. This makes me particularly happy as all the sets I created while having a Pro account have returned.

Here’s an early flickr set I created of one of my favorite subjects. A brief explanation on how I embedded this below.

We’ve been able to embed flickr photos and sets since at least 2009, when oembed was introduced in WordPress. Simply copy the URL of the photo or set (not the flickr slideshow) from your browser’s address bar and paste it on its own line in your post or page. Make sure it is not an active link. If it is, use the “Unlink” button in the Visual Editor tool bar (the one that looks like a broken link) to remove the link. If you are trying to embed a slideshow, add show/ to the end of the URL.**

How big is a Terabyte of storage space? Let’s compare it to  Each user currently receives 3 Gigabytes of free storage. The Space Upgrade prices, as of today, are:

10GB Space Upgrade: $20.00

25GB Space Upgrade: $50.00

50GB Space Upgrade: $90.00

100GB Space Upgrade: $160.00

200GB Space Upgrade: $290.00

This site has been on since December 2007 and so far I’ve used 2% of my available 3GB storage space. Optimize! Optimize! Optimize!  Remember, it’s not only about storage space and preserving quality of your images, which are important, it’s also about how long it takes for your page to load for visitors.

Jury is out on the new Android app, which I’d been waiting for. I’m out of space (sic) on my smartphone!

**If you need or want your site to be entirely mobile friendly, then the oembed method is not recommended. While I have not been able to test this on all devices, on my smartphone the above flickr set was MIA.

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For those of you who want to embed the official flickr flash slideshow, Panos has written up a tutorial on using the gigya shortcode:  The gigya shortcode 2 – inserting Flickr slideshows Do note, however, that there is no longer a need to “enable autoembeds” as this option is now missing from the Media Settings.