As I said in my last post, I feel inhibited about photographing people, especially when it comes to self-portraits. Just the thought of sitting for the camera is as difficult for me as getting up to speak in a room full of people who don’t know me.

So, encouraged (or egged-on in the nicest possible way) by David Bennett, I finally started to experiment and here’s the first of what I hope will be a few self-portraits taken during this coming year. (Gads! I even feel embarrassed just posting this! LOL)

And, no, I tend not to be the smiley sort. :)

This was taken using the S-100’s “Toy Camera” effect, which darkens the corners of the image and has 3 color tones (warm, standard, cool), and a little bit of fudging with PSE8’s Levels.

OK, David, your turn.


  1. Thank you both for your thoughts. It was a challenge to shoot this only with existing light and get the effect I was trying for. Of course there are at least a dozen other shots in the camera that didn’t “happen.”

  2. It’s a very powerful image.

    I posted something earlier today – although I took the shot a week or two ago. I will/must/will take something tomorrow!

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