Gallery Types Fixed!

Hallelujah! Staff have finally rolled out a fix for the Gallery types, including a fix for responsive width and flexible width themes that was causing these Galleries to break when the browser window was resized. Now your Gallery should look good regardless of what browser window width you choose or what device you use.

The above pictures were taken at the Tropical Garden at Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv, a very different place in winter than in summer.

8 thoughts on “Gallery Types Fixed!

  1. I think they could definitely do a lot better, their usability is still a nightmare. I’m good with computers, but I can’t code. It needs to be a lot more user friendly, I can not get my photos to display how I would like :(

    1. Hi there! Have you posted about it in the community support forums? If not, please start a new post, tag it with gallery, and I will try to help you there.

  2. It’s good to know, but I am not a fan of the look of the layout (or of the circles layout). I wonder how popular it will become? Are there stats to show usage, I wonder?

    1. One of the things that lots of people posted about in the support forums was how much time they were spending trying to get their Gallery to display the way they wanted it to. Many times the difficulty they were encountering was that they were uploading images of different ratios. The new “type” parameter almost completely removes that difficulty.

      As far as stats, I don’t know if they are tracking the Gallery type use (I can’t imagine they aren’t), but they are publishing stats for other embeds. Look here: Maybe you should suggest it?

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