The Holidays Are A Time For Gifting

Thank you, flickr! I am now waiting *very* impatiently for the updated Android app to make this perfect!

An interesting look at what your camera’s life expectancy might be, but, as the article says, to be taken with a grain of salt. If you don’t see your model on the front page, use the search box or sitemap for other models. Not all models have data (if yours doesn’t, consider adding to the database). I’m also assuming this really depends a lot on how hard you push your camera and what environment it’s working in. My S100  got caught in the spray from a couple of waterfalls over the weekend.

Know of any holiday or other freebies for photographers on the Net? List them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “The Holidays Are A Time For Gifting

  1. I clicked for 3 months of Pro Flickr, but I can’t see that I will want to ‘go pro’ when the period ends.

    I just don’t see the benefit of it.

    And the Google+ community is getting huge, with photography right up there as a big feature with large size images.

    I have an iPhone and it’s easy to share Instagram photos to Flickr. I might start doing that.

    Here’s a link to some freebies

    1. With so many choices of networks out there, and with limited time in my day, I’m getting very selective about where I post things. If I were a business I’d probably stick with Facebook and Google+.

      Free is good! Thanks for sharing! There are some very nice things for graphics artists, too! :)

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