Media Update!

A fantastic update to the way media is handled and a vast improvement in using the Gallery feature! The old way of having to hand-edit the Gallery shortcode to use includes and excludes is dead. Long live the Gallery! :)

(Needless-to-say, updates to my site’s Gallery FAQ and “Gallery-A Demo Blog” are in the works.)

While in general this major update has been well thought out, there are still some flukes that are being discovered and which mostly involve the inability to easily sort the Gallery order as was previously done, as well as the loss of the “insert slideshow” button.

The Blog

Uploading and editing media just got a whole lot better on Check out our new Media Manager, designed to make it easier to upload images, audio, and video files to your site and edit their attributes on the fly. Let’s walk through how to add images to a new post on

Within a new post, click on the Add Media button:

The Media Manager allows you to collect images to add to your post-in-progress. You can select a file you may have already uploaded to your Media Library, designate a URL from which to embed an image, drag and drop files into the browser window, or select files to upload from your computer:


Editing image attributes

Once you’ve uploaded the images, you can edit each image’s attributes from within the Media Manager, simply by selecting it. You can edit an image’s title, enter a caption and alt…

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  1. Luckily, I was almost done changing themes and creating featured images when I experienced the changes. I was almost ready to hurl my mouse through my monitor as I wrestled with the featured images so I logged-out, I also decided to ignore very thread on the support forum on this issue and allow the dust to settle before I entertain the idea of uploading another image. Unlike you I’m not excited. I’m pissed off at the frequency of the unannounced surprises we awake to.

    1. Your reply doesn’t surprise me, tt, though I do seem to recall that you mentioned the December 5 date for release of the upcoming standalone version, so not unexpected that we would see the integration of the new media features here on first.

      You might have noticed that while I updated my FAQ (and I’m still finding some corrections), I’ve decided to wait as well before tackling my Gallery demo site. Just too many things needing tweaking. Overall, though, I am finding the new interface a lot more intuitive than the old one. Give yourself a chance and you’ll like it. :)

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