Photokina Wannabe

Photokina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unless you’re a photographer living under a rock, you’ll know that photokina in Köln, Germany opened this week and is already starting to wind down and again this year I wasn’t there. So, what did I  miss?

The prediction from two years ago that mobile photography, with its instant sharing capability, will be taking over from traditional photography seems to be true if you look at the number of products for iphonographers and the hybrid cameras running Android with WiFi. But, oh, the cameras! While there were plenty of leaked photos ahead of the event, all the major camera manufacturers are there. The two that have really caught my eye are the new Polaroid Instant camera (welcome back!) and Sony’s RX1.

Ironically, this was the year that I gave up on owning anything larger than my Canon Powershot S100, while my youngest son bought a Nikon D90.

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    1. The last Fuji I owned was a film camera. :) The XF1 is very retro looking and while I haven’t read an in-depth review, it does remind me a bit of my Powershot S100 on steroids.

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