Tête-à-tête: Adi Nes and Alex Levac

Adi Nes and Alex Levac are opposites. Nes, 46, graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and shows his work in New York and Paris. He is a master of meticulously crafted, staged photographs utilizing actors. The final products, which have undergone lengthy planning, are complex scenes of epic proportions and symbolic meaning. Levac, who is 68 and received the Israel Prize for photography in 2005, has published five books of photos and is primarily a news photographer who focuses on fleeting moments which, once captured on film, are gone forever. On the occasion of Nes’ new exhibition, ‘The Village’ – which consists of 13 large-scale photographs depicting detailed scenes from the life of an imagined quintessential Israeli village − Levac met with Nes for a conversation at the Sommer Gallery of contemporary art in Tel Aviv, where the exhibition runs until July 7. Through their encounter, they enable us to take a closer look not only at the village Nes created, but at the many complex ways in which Israeli photography confronts Israeli reality.

From Ha’aretz Weekend Magazine, June 7, 2012

While I agree that not living in the day-to-day Israeli reality may change your perception of this discussion, it still is one of the most interesting discussions (if not the most) on photography/art that I’ve read in ages. You’ll need to register to read the full article online.

Ha’aretz’s Galia Yahav’s Review of “The Village”

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