Carousel? More Like a Roller Coaster!

Thanks to Google Alerts, today I discovered a new thread in the Community Support Forums about the Gallery feature.  The Gallery Carousel that implemented in November last year has finally gotten some Staff attention so that every photo’s EXIF data is being displayed (if your photo has EXIF data attached to it when you upload), to a hastily renamed “Download Original”  to “View Full Size” link, disproportionately large image titles, double scroll bars (lulz web design!), and most probably a host of other goodies. Most importantly there’s NO WAY to get to the image’s Attachment page because the “Permalink” has been replaced with “Reblog”.

Changes to the Gallery Carousel

If you have an opinion about all this, do please stop in the Forum discussion and let Staff know what you think.

Update: As these changes to the Carousel are a work-in-progress and user opinion is, thankfully, being considered, an option to hide the (EXIF) metadata in the Gallery Carousel has now been added. You can find it in your Dashboard>Settings>Media >Image Galleries.

Another Update! Fantastic! Not only can users choose to display EXIF metadata or not, we can now choose the Photo Carousel’s background color (available in fab black or lustrous white) or choose to turn off the Photo Carousel completely and revert to the original Gallery function of displaying either the larger image or an image attachment page.

Thank you for listening to your users!

5 thoughts on “Carousel? More Like a Roller Coaster!

  1. Thank you justjennifer – I just used your instructions (Dashboard>Settings>Media >Image Galleries) to remove the metadata data! Yeah!

    1. You’re welcome, but the instructions weren’t mine. Matt Thomas, who works for Automattic, posted about it in the forums. Cheers!

      1. Thank you for giving credit where credit is due – I like to do that too. I appreciate the link/information you gave me for additional information on carousels. I just noticed your gallery in a sidebar – real cool. BTW, I’m currently enjoying an espresso – not from my stovetop, but from my Krups – I have 4 espresso machines. Bye for now.

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