The buzz about flickr

How timely! My 2-year flickr pro subscription expired this past weekend and it looks like flickr got a whirlwind of a makeover at the same time.

Not that flickr and I have been the best of friends over the last couple of years, given that flickr has become the defacto “go to” service for many people’s search for images to use on their websites and my past serendipitous experiences of finding my flickr photos used on sites without my permission or without attribution. flickr has gone through a lot of changes from those halcyon days when I signed up just over 7 years ago (pre-Yahoo! even).  Where once flickr was for me a vibrant photo community, it turned into not much more than photo storage and, quite frankly, not even that. Over the last two years, I may have uploaded around 100 photos and for that I can use my backup drive or any other online storage. Makes me wonder why I’m even considering plunking down another $25 for an annual subscription.

Will the changes coming to flickr (including an in-house replacement for Picnik) get me excited again about using flickr again? Not just now, but I’ll keep an open mind.