2 thoughts on “StolenCameraFinder Locates Your Stolen Camera by Using Your Existing Photos

  1. Wow – is this legit? Over on dpreview, someone said they had bought a D700 off of craigslist, after thoroughly cross-examining the poster in person and checking the camera, and then had it sent to Nikon for general cleaning (after verifying the serial # with Nikon reps via phone) and they refused to send it back to him, saying that the serial had been reported as stolen. Nikon won’t tell you this over the phone, of course. If this works, this will be indispensable for photographers.

    1. I’m pretty sure it is legit. It uses the camera serial number from the EXIF data and searches for it in uploaded data. Truly a case of caveat emptor for anyone buying secondhand cameras.

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