Dreaming of Photokina

Südeingang Photokina
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The world’s largest photography event is happening right now in Cologne, Germany and CNET has a great roundup worth reading.

One of the most interesting insights I’ve read so far:

Fundamentally, mobile phones and social networking sites such as Facebook have transformed the practice and purpose of photography so it’s less about preserving memories and more about sharing what’s happening.

I can’t say that I entirely agree with the article and see room for both. Of course, I’ve also attended conferences where photographers have been downloading photos from their camera, batch editing them on their laptops and getting them online as fast as they can.

It’s been a longstanding dream of mine to attend Photokina and I’m hoping that 2012 will be the year.  Meantime, unless you are there, you lucky person, you and I can watch the conference speeches live online at K-Zone.

More Photokina coverage from engadget through the 24th in my sidebar.

via Photokina: Snapshot of camera trends roundup | Business Tech – CNET News.

Featured Image Credit: L.Brumm Photography and Design on flickr, released under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.