It’s Times Like These, Act II

Again, a website has used a copyrighted image from my flickr photostream without my permission.

This time it wasn’t discovered by serendipity; They left a comment on the photo in my flickr photostream, since deleted by them, with a link to their online article where my photo appears. Not only did they barefacedly take the image, which clearly shows “© All Rights Reserved” in my photostream, they also did not bother to credit the photographer (me). But certainly the most galling of all is that they note in their very lengthy onsite  “Copyright & Trademark” notice that all images on their site are owned or licensed. Sorry, but no.

The site owner replied to my flickr mail this morning that the image has since been deleted from their site. Still, anyone running a website of any size (especially one of this size and breadth) should know copyright basics. There really isn’t any excuse. Sadly , however, looking a little further on I see another copyrighted photo this website has “faved” on flickr and used in an article on their website.

Again, what chutzpa.

Some copyright resources you should check out:


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