Earth Day 2010

Food Fight!

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We saw some amazing butterflies in the Butterfly House on our visit to Mainau Island in Germany. While we don’t have these enormous (two palms together) butterflies, even our small ones have become scarce in urban areas. Makes me want to plant a butterfly garden to encourage their visits.

This is also a test post using flickr’s “Post from flickr” feature.  (Here’s the Support Doc on flickr photos)  I’ve also tested this feature on my primary blog, but because of Inuit Types “Featured Post”, this is less successful than posting to a theme such as Vigilance (and now 2010), as you are not able to create a Featured Post thumbnail unless you’ve uploaded the photo to your blog. All the other caveats mentioned in that post are applicable as well. (Larger image was uploaded later to be the Featured Image on the blog front page.)

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        1. Sandra- two anomalies have been corrected, but I believe you are no longer using Inuit Types as your blog theme. In any event, I have noted them in my FAQ, link at the top of the page.

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