It’s times like these

that make me ask myself again why I post photos to flickr.


Discovered entirely by serendipity. As far as I know, my photo only graced their About page and wasn’t included in the site downloads. To their credit, the image was removed within 12 hours of my email request and they sent a letter of apology. Twittered to me by Plagarism Today‘s Jonathan Bailey, he was impressed.

Nevertheless, not Corbis, not Getty Images, two of the sources they mention they license from. Just my clearly copyrighted photo of Santorini lifted from my flickr photostream.

Such chutzpa.


4 thoughts on “It’s times like these

  1. After reading through the comments and through their website, I can’t help but think their latest changes are going to bring a legal tsunami down on them of epic proportions if they continue down this path.

    1. Sucking up other people’s images into your monetization scheme is pretty much an earthquake waiting to happen. I hope they listen to their critics and make opt-out the default.

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