Tickled Pink

Oly SP-560uz

New Camera Alert!

My Oly C4000z still works great, but after waiting two years and watching the price on the Oly SP-560uz drop from NIS4000 to just over NIS1200, I jumped at the chance to finally have a camera with both image stabilization and a better zoom. The ad was in the newspaper Wednesday morning, at which point I stopped my cooking for the  pre-Yom Kippur meal and called our local computer shop, Bug, to see if they had it in stock. They did, exactly one. I raced there. The salesperson at Bug was all disdainful about the camera, but I figure most people are pretty attached to the brand of camera they use. (Either that or he was trying to talk me out of buying it so he could. :-) )

I must admit this camera has more bells and whistles than I’ll ever use and I do wish the “Advanced” manual that came on the accompanying CD was, well, a little more advanced (it explains what the functions do, but not why). The “Auto” mode is now for the completely clueless, you can’t adjust even the ISO or white balance settings. If you want to do that, you have to switch to “P” mode for, what exactly? (shrug)

The only true downside was discovering that an Olympus-brand xD card wasn’t supplied with the camera. There was a very generous 2G Fuji xD card included. But like all the Oly cameras, if you want to access certain functions, like panorama shots, you need the Oly card, which has just been added to my Amazon WishList.

Off to virtually thumb through the manual and hoping tonight will bring my first nightime shots with the new camera. Prepare for the coming Deluge on Flickr.


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