Loaves and Fishes

Photos licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 License

Trying out the new Gallery feature here on WP.com. Not sure what to do about the EXIF data and am having thoughts about the presentation.

Update: Thoughts on presentation: After uploading as a group, my 480×359 pixel images are resized first as a 71×96 pixel thumbnail, which you see on this page, then as a 300×224 pixel image on the Gallery page. If you want to see the full-size image, you have to click again on the Gallery page image. That’s three clicks to get to the full-sized image. (But if you didn’t have the middle page, then you wouldn’t see the EXIF data, so I guess that’s the trade-off.) Adding “Next” and “Previous” to make navigation easier between the pages of the Gallery would have been a nice touch too.

EXIF data: I edited each of the Gallery pages to include the data. The worst part is that the metadata from the image can’t be copied to the clipboard in PSE5 or PI8 and has be hand-copied. Is there no easier way to do this?

Another update: Surfing around the WP.org blog, I find that Matt announced that auto EXIF extraction is available in WPv2.5 standalone (Matt also spoke about it in his WCamp video at the 21:19 mark). Why couldn’t they have included this feature in WP.com? (sigh!)

Yet another update (28 Apr): No “alt” tag assigned to any of the Gallery images, either as thumbnails or on the display page for each image, even though I’ve filled out the information in the Media Library. More oddly, the image display page seems to act like a Post page, there’s even a category assigned to the Post, “uncategorized”, which if you click on it brings you to a 404 Error. You can comment on the individual image Post and there’s no way of turning it off unless you turn commenting off for the entire Post where the Gallery appears. (Another update: this is incorrect; you have to turn off commenting for your entire BLOG and then enable commenting on the individual post. Too much work in my opinion.)

To make a long story short: Guys-love the new feature, but next time please test this to death before releasing it into the wild, ‘k? Thanks.